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The first course I took was much better than I expected! It was up-to-date with knowledge, easy to follow and understand, and the instructors were always available if I had questions.

Tracy Aboah

Excellent learning tool with concise and clear videos that are explained well. Highly recommend!

Rachel Williams


Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

We pride ourselves on providing specialized, comprehensive resources tailored to address the unique needs of individuals dealing with Sickle Cell Disease.

Our content goes beyond general knowledge, offering targeted insights, latest research, and a supportive community. We're dedicated to fostering understanding, awareness, and support for those affected by Sickle Cell Disease.

Do I need previous experience with taking online courses?

No prior experience with online courses is required! Our sickle cell education platform is designed to be accessible and user-friendly for individuals of all backgrounds.

Whether you're new to online learning or a seasoned participant, our intuitive interface and supportive resources make it easy for everyone to engage with the valuable content we offer. 

How can I choose my courses?

Explore a comprehensive overview of our currently available courses via the "courses" page. When you're prepared to start your learning journey, simply click the "Enroll" button for your chosen course.

When can I start studying ?

You may enroll any day of the year. Be online and start studying within a matter of seconds after enrolling in your chosen course.
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