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Leading statewide sickle cell disease testing at eight South Carolina HBCUs, local schools, and churches.

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Who We Are


We offer full, comprehensive primary medical care to approximately 10,000 residents, with more than 30,000 patient visits annually, in three locations in York, Chester, and Lancaster Counties.


We strive to be the best healthcare provider to patients in our community regardless of their ability to pay.


We improve the health of the communities in the designated service area by providing quality comprehensive healthcare that is accessible and affordable through collaborative efforts. 


Our providers are well-versed and experienced in providing high-quality care at an affordable cost to you so that you can spend more time being well than worrying about being sick.

Join the most innovative Sickle Cell eLearning Community in America!

As a learner, you’ll benefit from our first-of-its-kind online sickle cell education platform. Currently, we are introducing programming to eight historically black colleges and universities in South Carolina, as well as North Central Family Medicine Community Health Center patients. 

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Meet our CEO

Mr. Ernest Brown

Mr. Ernest G. Brown has been the CEO of North Central Family Medical Center since 1992. Under Mr. Brown’s guidance and service, North Central has grown many times over, and continued to expand while maintaining our mission to provide affordable and accessible primary medical care to the surrounding medically underserved communities of York, Chester and Lancaster counties, and others, without compromising quality of care.
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